Chandler, AZ (March 29, 2013)  The Tilted Kilt / Optima Batteries #18 Pro 4 truck and team of Corry Weller had a successful first weekend in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, in a class where just finishing a race is considered a good day.  
Taking on the challenge of owning her own truck, and with her husband/crew chief, Jason Weller (Weller Racing) in charge of their first Pro 4 race team, the brand new #18 crew came into the first weekend of the 2013 short-course season fully prepared and ready to race.  Sporting a similar design to last season's Tilted Kilt themed truck, there was an obvious change noted with the addition of new co-sponsor Optima Batteries, as the #18 rolled out onto the front straight for opening ceremonies during Round 1.
"We bought this truck from Carl Renezeder about a month before this first race weekend," explained Weller.  "This is the truck that I raced all last year, so when it comes to me going out there and feeling comfortable right off the bat, this was the best choice for our program. This season, we are taking what we learned last year, and adding in some of the stuff we want to try this year in order to customize the truck a bit more to my driving style.  This will be our year to learn what setup works best for me, what the truck can and can't handle, and for me to get out there and really push it."
She added, "We couldn't have done any of this without the Tilted Kilt coming on board for another year, and without Optima Batteries choosing to co-sponsor me this year.  When I think about the faith these companies have in me and our program, as well as Maxxis, LoanMart, AIRAID, and all of my product sponsors, it really makes all of us want to work even harder to make them proud."
Weller certainly started her 2nd season in Pro 4 off well, as she was in the mix and working her way up through the field from a third row start within the first few laps of Round 1.  Despite some damage from some early race contact, Weller drove hard and came away with a top 5 finish for the day!
Sunday's Round 2 race saw Weller with another third row start, and she was looking to use the lines she had found in qualifying to get her to the front as quickly as possible. When the green flag dropped, she surged into turn one with the field, and kept on pace until her truck suffered another crippling blow from a competitor.  With a quick trip to the hot pits to see what the damage was, she was back out on the track and drove her truck to an 8th place finish, putting the cap on the first race weekend of the 2013 season.  
"For our first race weekend doing it all on our own, we consider it a successful weekend." said Corry's crew chief/husband, Jason Weller.  "We finished every practice, every qualifier, and every race - we had a ton of fans, sponsors, and media in and around our pits all weekend, and when it comes down to it, it's that interraction and exposure that we are working so hard for.  The speed and the wins will come - it's the ability to market our sponsors and connect with our fans that allows us to be here and race and go get those future wins."
Watch for Rounds 1 and 2 on CBS, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, SPEED and MavTv in the coming weeks, as Corry Weller and her team get the #18 ready for Rounds 3 and 4, to be held in Las Vegas, NV on April 27-28th.  
Thank you for your interest in following our race results for the 2013 season!  
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