Corry Weller began her racing career on the motocross track in 2001, after deciding she wanted to play in the dirt

with the big boys. Shattering stereotypes and surprising fellow racers throughout the industry, this blonde haired,

blue-eyed Arizona native couldn’t get enough of big air, dirty roost, and the thrill of competition.

She knew as soon as she saw her first short-course race in 2006 that she had found her calling. With the help of

her husband and their successful UTV business, Corry began racing short-course in 2007 in the highly competitive

UTV class, going Pro after only her first few races.

Her driving style drew the attention of many, as did her work ethic at the track. Known for driving smooth, driving

smart and being fast, it also wasn’t unusual to see her cleaning off mud or working side by side with her husband

and crew on her race vehicle.

In 2010, Corry became the “winningest” female short-course racer in history, barely missing the championship. In

2011, she stacked on the wins and won the championship in the SR1 class - and she wasn’t done making history.

In 2012, with the help of her title sponsor The Tilted Kilt Pub, Corry became the first female to race in the 800+HP,

fire-breathing, rough and tumble Pro 4 truck class. With limited time in her truck, she became the first female racer

to earn multiple podiums in the Pro 4 class, and as the 2012 season draws to a close, she is on track to win

“Rookie of the Year” – another first for the industry.

When she’s not in her race truck battling it out, Corry is easily accessible to her growing number of fans, and

enjoys the opportunities she has to talk with her fellow race enthusiasts. Exceptionally popular with kids and little

girls everywhere, she stays busy between races signing autographs and taking pictures with her fans.

In 2013 she is looking to step up her program and go for the gold – once a champion, always a champion, and she

is looking for a few more sponsors who want to be a part of history in the making! With her driving ability and her

husband’s engineering talent, combined with the support of some great financial partners, this team will be making

history for years to come!




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